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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

There is no mandated commercial insurance required in Georgia. However, commercial liability insurance protects your Georgia business in the event of claims of injury or damage suffered by others and caused by you or your employees. Other types of commercial coverage may benefit your business as well. Your Structured Insurance Agency, LLC agent can help you with information and quotes on business insurance in Georgia.

Types of Commercial Insurance

Here are the typical commercial coverage for Georgia businesses.

  • Bodily Injury pays for physical damage to a person suffered at your place of business and injuries caused by company employees at any location.
  • Property Damage pays for damage to someone's property caused by a company employee.
  • Personal Injury covers damages found against you or your business regarding slander, copyright infringement, libel, invasion of property, or privacy and similar acts.
  • Advertising Injury is for damages relating to your advertising
  • Legal Defense covers defense costs and damages for court cases brought against the business. (This doesn't cover punitive damages for negligence.)

Speak with your Structured Insurance Agency, LLC representative to determine which of these would benefit your business.

Other Georgia Small Business Insurance


Georgia requires businesses with three or more employees to have workers compensation insurance. In Georgia, as many as five officers in a corporation can waive coverage for themselves. Georgia requires automobile insurance for all vehicles. However, if you use a vehicle for business purposes, you should strongly consider purchasing a commercial vehicle policy.

Optional Coverage

Other optional coverage types include employee, errors and omissions, product and professional liability, commercial property insurance, and employment practices liability.

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Call your Structured Insurance Agency, LLC agent for more information on what type of commercial insurance coverage is right for your business or come by our office for a quote. This might also be a good time to review whether your home and auto policies adequately meet current needs.