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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a vital need although some people tend to ignore it. Family comes first, and nothing would be better than ensuring that they always have your support even when you have passed. Leaving them with a sense of financial security will benefit them as this will help when paying for the mortgage, medical bills, rent, and your child’s college tuition.

Life insurance in Georgia comes with many coverage options, and the insured has the option to choose the one that suits them. At Structured Insurance Agency, LLC, we offer you numerous options which include:

Whole life insurance – In this case, the insured does not get to enjoy the benefits. There is no expiration date for this term because the contract ends when the insured dies. The beneficiaries stated on the contract gets to receive the benefits.

Universal insurance – This type of insurance offers the insured with a low-cost protection of term life coverage. It also provides the beneficiary with a saving plan to build cash up.

Low-cost term insurance – This type of coverage is useful in the case where the insured does not have enough equity build up to afford whole life insurance. Although it requires low premiums, it offers services similar to other insurance policies.

Combined life insurance – This coverage helps the insured to protect things that standard insurance cannot cover. The combined insurance consists of at least two people who come together to buy a standard policy.

Term insurance – The policy comes with an expiration date. If the contract expires when the insured is still alive, they get the benefits and one may choose to either renew the contract for another term or end it. If the insured dies before the expiration of the contract, the beneficiaries enjoy the benefits upon its end.

Life insurance is a necessity and people should not ignore its benefits. Come to Structured Insurance Agency, LLC and allow us to help you choose the coverage that suits you best after listening to your needs.